Atheists at the door!


I am not afraid of you and I will beat your ass

The title is from Yo La Tengo’s 2006 release of the same name, but I just wanted to assure any reader that I, in fact, am a hard-ass.

Actually, I’m fairly non-violent. In fact, I’m not too violently interesting, either. I’m just a bored slacker who likes to rant and rave, but not shave. Now that I have finally joined the year 2000 and have access to a scanner, I may even put up some sort of webcomic for you to (hopefully) enjoy or (more likely) hate. Of course, I say this all under the assumption that anyone will read my blog. Said blog may in fact fade into obscurity while keeping one avid, rabid reader who will stalk and harrass me, culminating in my untimely death. I am prepared to take this chance, and I’m betting you are as well.

Erm, I hope.